The tax area is the other pillar that support our Law Firm together with the corporate area. Our work is based on an overview of tax rules, financial and accounting concepts that allow us to present different structures to our clients and secure their interests in disputes related to tax matters. In this context, our work comprehends:

– Analysis and drafting of tax planning related to processes of acquisition or sale of control, public offers, mergers, amalgamations and corporate reorganization in general.

– Analysis and drafting of risk assessment´s reports related to the merge and acquisition transactions including our interaction with auditors and accountants.

– Orientation to foreign companies on “doing business in Brazil” with the analysis of the most appropriate tax procedures related to their areas of activity.

– Expertise in tax consulting, in order to mitigate the negative tax implications and to avoid future tax contingencies.

– Drafting of legal opinions and memorandums regarding clients consultantings on tax matters.