Brave 8 years

On August 2, 2018, Candido Martins Advogados completes 8 years. 8 years of unique learning and coexistence with spectacular people that today I consider close friends. Rather than boring you with the main events of the last 8 years, I decided to explain a bit of what we do at Candido Martins, but in a different way: by means of an interpretationor translation) of the books that were read in the last year during our book club.
The magnificent book, “Tinkers,” by Pulitzer prize winner Paul Harding, taught us to read in a reflexive manner, with attention and focus. To read this masterpiece requires patience, perseverance and dedication, in other words, stop, breathe and read carefully. This is what we do with our clients. We strive to read and listen to the client, understand their needs and concerns, all of which requires a lot of attention and dedication. The client wants to be listened to and not just heard.
One of the last titles read in the book club was “If This is a Man?”, by war prisoner Primo Levi. Without going into the story and all its relevance to the present day, what we can reflect on is how the book was written: in an accurate, concise and objective manner. This is how our work must be conducted. What needs to be lasting, honest and sincere is the relationship with our clients. As Levi teaches us, “this is what a man needs and must be done.” Primo Levi asks future generations to meditate on the meaning of the events he witnessed during World War II. We must always keep our values in the midst of inhumanity. This we do very well at Candido Martins. Our valuescaring, collaboration and integrity) are strong and enrooted in all lawyers in the office.
“Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a book about an extraordinary woman who knew how to raise her voice to protect Muslim women. She did not retreat, despite the numerous death threats and difficulties she faced during her lifetime. This is what we seek to do in our professional and personal lives. We take care of everyone in the office and of our clients, based on values of ethics and integrity.
In “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”, Pulitzer prize winner, Junot Diaz, recounts the difficult life of Oscar, a sweet and terribly obese nerd, living in the New Jersey ghetto, who dreams of finding a great love. The work of Junot Dias describes the difficulties encountered by Oscar in going after his dreams and desires. However, he may never fulfill his desires, thanks to fukú – an ancient curse that plagues Oscar’s family for generations. During our professional life, we encounter several barriers that are often created by ourselves and we need to overcome these barriers to move forward and after our dreams. During our 8 years in the office, we have had to overcome many barriers, but always in an ethical manner, taking care of all that work in the office and our clients. There is no such thing as luck, or even curse for all that matters. What exists is hard work, perseverance, commitment, and a sense of caring for all. Success is the result of all this. Some confuse it with “luck”.
Alice Walker, in her contemporary book “The Color Purple “, makes us reflect on the relationships of love, hate and power in a society still marked by the inequalities of genders, ethnicities and social classes. It is a story of racism, chauvinism, classicism and other prejudices. Unfortunately, these are words that we read every day in the newspapers and which haunt professional environments. Our 8 years have been based on values that refute all these prejudices and this has allowed us to attract people who share the same values as the founding members.
The title of this article is a play on the title of a book that was read earlier this year. “Brave New World,” a novel written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley, anticipates fictional developments in reproductive technology, hypnopedia, psychological manipulation, among others, which are combined to create the foundations of a new society. Why the play on words? Here, we seek to innovate and create foundations for a different form of practicing law. Unlike Aldous Huxley’s work, our innovation is based on human relationships and client caring, seeking creative solutions to solve cases. My thanks go out to all those who have accompanied us in these 8 years, in particular to my partner Alamy, with whom I believe to share another admirable 80 years!
Henrique Martins, founding partner of Candido Martins Advogados