Candido Martins Advogados (“CM”) is concerned and committed to protect your privacy. To this end, it has created this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) to inform and clarify the Treatment of your Personal Data provided by accessing and using CM’s website (“Website”) and/or services of CM, in accordance with applicable law in Brazil.

It is important that the Privacy Policy be interpreted together and in accordance with any other accompanying document, contract or privacy clause, as the case may be, and without prejudice to the professional secrecy applicable to the CM’s relationship with its clients, as provided by the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the Brazilian Bar Association.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “User (s)” or “You (s)” are all individuals and representatives of legal entities, who use(s) the services of CM.

Personal Data, Treatment and Consent

“Database” is the structured set of personal data, established in one or more locations, in electronic or physical form.

“Consent” is the free, informed and unambiguous statement by which the holder agrees to the processing of his personal data for a particular purpose.

“Personal Data” is information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

“Processing” means any operation performed with personal data, such as those relating to the collection, production, receipt, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, deletion, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.


The processing of Personal Data collected by CM will occur to enable and/or improve the provision of specialized legal services requested by Users.

Personal Data Processing may also be used to identify and/or offer Users relevant content about a preference and/or interest expressed to CM, including, without limitation, newsletters, institutional announcements, practice bulletins, notification and sponsored event materials. by CM, thank you notes, among others.

As applicable, CM may use Personal Data provided by Users to form a database of candidates to a position and service providers.

The Personal Data collected will be stored for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes described above, as well as for the fulfillment of a court order or decision of any other competent authority to do so, in accordance with applicable law. In strict compliance with such demands, CM will only share Personal Data specific to the purpose determined by the competent authority.


CM, in its commitment to ensure the security and privacy of your Personal Data, adheres to the security standards necessary to prevent and remediate unauthorized access to Personal Data, employing industry-recommended security storage systems and procedures for storage and protection. physical documents or electronically stored information.

External Links

On its website, CM may, for information purposes, provide links to third party websites. CM is not responsible for the content, treatment, security and/or protection, nor does it monitor Personal Data provided, intentionally or unintentionally, by Users to third party websites.

CM recommends Users to consult their third-party privacy policies to properly inform themselves about the use of their personal information by other websites or other tools before sharing their Personal Data.

Change or Deletion

CM may from time to time contact Users with a view to requesting the updating of Personal Data in its Database.