CM Minute: Taxation of profits and dividends

Taxation of profits and dividends is the theme of this week’s CM Minute. Alamy Candido discusses the government’s statement on the intention to include the measure in one of the next steps of the Tax Reform. It is worth remembering that the 15% tax on the distribution of profits already existed in Brazil and has been suspended since 1996. How does the proposal impact stock market entrepreneurs and investors? Would there be double taxation? If the measure were implanted, would it have a retroactive effect? Our partner answers the questions in the video. Check out the interview:

Alamy Candido talks to Legislação & Mercados about MP 930

Partner Alamy Candido comments, in an interview for Legislação & Mercados portal, of “Capital Aberto”, about the measure approved by the Senate that changes the taxation of financial institutions and removes the need for extra foreign exchange protection in situations of great market volatility.

The exchange rate variation is now considered in the composition of the calculation base for corporate income tax (IRPJ) and social contribution on net income (CSLL).